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Matta 103

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Born on this day in 1911, Roberto Matta was one of the last great exponents of Surrealism, remaining true to the movement’s tenets throughout a long and incredibly prolific career. With a virtuoso technique and astonishing work rate Matta realized thousands of square metres of his signature cosmic and biomorphic dreamscapes. It is impossible to do justice to his epic achievement on a computer screen, but has a superb virtual gallery of his work. Matta’s son Gordon Matta-Clark, who died tragically young in 1978, was also an extraordinary artist.

Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta Echaurren
11 November 1911 – 23 November 2002

Oeufficiency, c. 1954

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Tarot Matta-Breton

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Les Amoureux
Le Chariot
La Lune
Les etoiles
André Breton and Roberto Matta Echaurren

This is another example of the surrealist passion for tarot. The title of Breton’s long prose poem, Arcane 17, refers to tarot card 17, the “stars” card (Les étoiles), usually a symbol of free-flowing love and renewal of forces. However, Breton’s imagination brought new associations, multiplying the morning stars and infusing them with fluid meanings. Breton describes the figure in the center of the card as a naked young woman kneeling as she pours out the contents of two urns, one into a pond, the other onto the ground. He associates this woman with the legendary figure of Mélusine, a legendary mermaid who became a symbol of the difficulty to reconcile “reality” and “magic.” There is hope, however, that the “inexhaustible” urns could renew our disenchanted world. Indeed, even though the pond gives off the “pestilential odor” of social conventions, it is still longing for “a new dream.” The fragile butterfly is another symbol of “consoling mystery.” Chilean painter Roberto Matta designed the four colorful illustrations in the shape and size of tarot cards (or “arcanas”) pasted in the book.

Published by Brentano’s, New York, 1945


Six Graphics by Matta

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Three Prints by Matta

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Via Kass/Meridian Gallery

Two Surrealist Altars

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Wifredo Lam, Altar for “La chevelure de Falmer”, 1947




Matta, Altar dedicated to Marcel Duchamp’s “He who takes care of Gravity”, 1947

found here

Matta 1970

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Dar a la vida una luz

Blotti sous l’escorpion

Three vast paintings by Matta, from the year of my birth.