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Eternal Greece

Posted in Greece, Greek Myth, Painting, Poetry with tags , on July 27, 2017 by Dylan Thomas Hayden


Our land is the land of immortal spirits and idols
Apollo, full of joy and supreme, is our god.

Christ crucified, lying in his white winding-sheet,
is beautiful Adonis covered with roses.

The soul of ancient Greece lives hidden unwillingly within us.
Great Pan is not dead, no, great Pan does not die!

Text: Kostis Palamas, Iamboi kai Anapaistoi. Athens, 1920
Image: Titian, Il Cristo risuscitato, c. 1511


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Here the sky is everywhere, on all sides shines the sun, and
something like the honey of Hymettus is all around;
out of the marble grow lilies unwithering;
divine Mount Pentelicon flashes, begetter of an Olympus

The digging axe stumbles on beauty;
in her bosom Cybele holds Gods, not mortals;
when the shafts of twilight strike her,
Athens gushes violet blood.

Here are the temples and the groves of the sacred olive,
and in the slowly shifting crowd, like a caterpillar
on a white flower;

A host of deathless relics live and reign with myriad souls;
The spirit flashes even in the earth; I feel it wrestling
With the darkness in me.

Poem by Kostis Palamas from The Penguin Book of Greek Verse, Constantine A. Trypanis (ed. & trans.), Middlesex, Penguin Books, 1971
Photo of the Acropolis of Athens, 2 November 2015 by DTH