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Two Kachinas

Posted in Art, Object with tags , , on September 4, 2015 by Dylan Thomas Hayden

Passing my early childhood in a part of the Midwestern United States with a prominent Native American minority I developed a great curiosity about the culture of the “Indians” as they were then universally named. We often went to pow-wows and I’ve never forgotten a school trip to the local Indian Junior College that had a fine museum of Native American arts and crafts. The college gave each visiting child a large and beautiful book about the native peoples, a wonderful and very generous gift. I also acquired two artefacts of my own: a local flint arrowhead and from much further afield a battered and rather melancholy kachina doll. I don’t remember how the latter came into my possession but it sparked a deep fascination with these extraordinary objects, so various and strange. Kachinas are now highly collectable but I find many modern examples rather garish and over-realistic in form, though they are often beautifully crafted. Older kachinas however still convey the mythical mystery of their origins in the indigenous cults of the Southwestern tribes. I was reminded of all this by a post at the always excellent Art Blart blog.

Blogwatch: Internet K-Hole

Posted in Photo with tags , on October 15, 2014 by Dylan Thomas Hayden

If you were a youngster anytime from the seventies to the early nineties you will most likely find yourself falling happily down the time tunnel that is Internet K-Hole, and you may even spot an image of yourself or your friends. A vast collection of mostly amateur snapshots, enlivened with the occasional photos of some of the youth heroes of the age, this is an exhaustive and fascinating document of the world of young Generation X, evoked so vividly that at times it’s almost painful. The site recently moved to Tumblr from Blogger but the latter is still worth visiting for the extensive archives. Be forewarned that there are a few authentically gnarly nudes on display.

Kansas Christmas

Posted in Kansas, Photo with tags on December 25, 2013 by Dylan Thomas Hayden


Now Playing #18

Posted in Music, Now Playing with tags , on June 17, 2012 by Dylan Thomas Hayden

I’ve been an ardent admirer of György Kurtág for many years but had never heard anything quite like the intensely dramatic and colourful song cycle Scenes from a Novel. Many thanks to the excellent contemporary music blog 5:4 for sharing this wonderful work.

Blogwatch: The Shellackophile

Posted in Music with tags , on July 14, 2011 by Dylan Thomas Hayden

Some delectable 78-RPM era goodness for the classical geeks at The Shellackophile, where I also found this charming, sub-Cubist cover art. I assume it’s all old enough to be in the public domain, so guilt-free downloading is only a few clicks away.

Blogwatch: Creep Scanner

Posted in Music with tags , on February 2, 2011 by Dylan Thomas Hayden

Lots of obscure and eclectic delights at Creep Scanner, my new favourite music blog.

Blogwatch: Zero G Sound

Posted in Music with tags , on August 8, 2010 by Dylan Thomas Hayden

Zero G Sound is a music blog with a strong political slant, featuring an astonishing range and quantity of rare folk, blues, pop, protest, rock, reggae, Entartete Musik and hard to categorize sounds from around the world. Get listening.