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Athens in Old Postcards

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Ideale Ansicht der Akropolis und des Areopags in Athen

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E0702 KLENZE 9463
Leo von Klenze
oil on canvas, 1846
Neue Pinakothek, Munich

The Acropolis

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Félix Bonfils
photograph, c. 1868-75
Princeton University Library
We find this a particularly evocative old view of the Acropolis, across mostly vacant fields now embedded in the hectic center of modern Athens; and we imagine the generations of slow feet that carved the path between the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the rustic buildings in the foreground. The next time we visit Athens, which will hopefully be soon, we will search for traces of that lost road.

The Parthenon

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Frederick Church
oil on canvas, 1871
The Metropolitan Museum

Perhaps Aphrodite

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Unknown sculptor
Marble head of a goddess, c. 5th – 4th century BC
Acropolis Museum, Athens

Ludwig Lange in Griechenland

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Ludwig Lange, Die Akropolis von Athen zur Zeit des Perikles
Die Akropolis von Athen zur Zeit des Perikles
Ludwig Lange, Athen und die Akropolis von Nordwesten, 1836
Athen und die Akropolis von Nordwesten
Ludwig Lange, Blick von Sikyon auf Korinth, 1835-36
Blick von Sikyon auf Korinth
Ludwig Lange, Korinth mit dem Apollontempel, 1834-35
Korinth mit dem Apollontempel
Ludwig Lange, The Harbour of Piraeus, c. 1834-37sm
Der Hafen von Piräus

Ludwig Lange was one of many German artists and architects who flocked to Greece after the accession of the modern state’s first king, the Bavarian Otto. Lange lived in Athens from 1834 to 1838, working as a drawing teacher and a royal inspector of buildings, and made some fine watercolours of contemporary views, as well as ideal reconstructions of the city’s ancient glory.

Athens in 1829 & 1835

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Franz Heger, View of Athens, 1829
Franz Heger
View of Athens, 1829

This charming view of the little town of Athens, clustered around the mighty Acropolis, was presumably made from the hill of Lycabettus, looking southwest toward Piraeus and the islands of the Saronic Gulf beyond. We found it at this website where it accompanies a very atmospheric firsthand account of Athens by one Bettina Schinas, who moved to the city in 1835.