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ნატვრის ხე

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Last night at Tigerloaf Manor we watched The Wishing Tree, directed by Tengiz Abuladze, and must add it to our ever-growing list of all-time favourite films. A tragic folk tale brought to life in arrestingly beautiful images, it is but one example of the extraordinary riches of Soviet cinema. Whether such artistic triumphs blossomed due to the restraints under which they were made, or in spite of them, is a difficult and perhaps unanswerable question. We find it a more humane, universal and artistically successful film than the much more celebrated Repentance.

No Monkey

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“I’d never just want to do what everybody else did. I’d be contributing to the sameness of everything.”

–Still from Anton Corbijn‘s film Some Yo-Yo Stuff

Five Posters for Salome, 1953

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Six Posters for Salome, 1923

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Two Posters for Salomé, 1918

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Southern California architecture in Lawrence, Kansas

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The Granada movie theatre in Lawrence, Kansas was still around when I was a kid, though it had a different marquee, and the bus station had moved further down Massachusetts Street. This photo from October 1938 taken by John Vachon is one of the tens of thousands of documentary images compiled by the Farm Security Administration, part of FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression. The entire archive is now available online.


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Many of us would like to think that we relate to you because we’re outsiders. For many you epitomize that “outsider” characteristic. Would that be a fair assessment of you or is it wide off the mark?

John Lurie:
I am not sure what you mean by “outsider” here. I try to stay as close as I can to what I feel is real, ignoring whatever the popular trends are. I am not sure what I am outside of. I think that anyone following the trail of babble and unaware of what’s really real is actually the outsider, even if there are a lot of them.

From this recent interview.