“…after all everyone dances to his own personal boomboom, and the writer is entitled to his boomboom: the satisfaction of pathological curiosity; a private bell for inexplicable needs; a bath; pecuniary difficulties; a stomach with repercussions in life; the authority of the mystic wand formulated as the bouquet of a phantom orchestra…”

–Tristan Tzara

And so Tigerloaf is my personal boomboom, a private scrapbook made public, a miscellany of motifs that caught my eye, a record of my enthusiasms and an adjunct to my memory.

Tigerloaf contains some original material in the categories named “Original” and “Dylan Thomas Hayden”. This material is my property though it may be publicly distributed by anyone with the courtesy to ask my permission and link to this site.

All other material remains the property of the copyright holder. I endeavour to give credit where it is due but if you see your property here without proper recognition I will be delighted to add the relevant information and link to your site. Alternately I will remove such material by request.

I accept no commercial advertising and derive no material benefit from Tigerloaf. My only intention here is to freely share some of the many things by which I have been touched, intrigued, pleased or amused.


Colour: Grey
Weapon: A very sharp knife
Dance: Tango
Opera: Lulu by Alban Berg
Statue: La Douleur by Auguste Rodin
Fabric: Raw silk

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