No more, Orpheus…


No more, Orpheus, shalt thou lead the charmed oaks and rocks and the shepherdless herds of wild beasts. No more shalt thou lull to sleep the howling winds and the hail, and the drifting snow, and the roaring sea. For dead thou art; and the daughters of Mnemosyne bewailed thee much, and before all thy mother Calliope. Why sigh we for our dead sons, when not even the gods have power to protect their children from death?

Text: Antipater of Sidon (late 2nd century BC), The Greek Anthology VII:8 translated by W. R. Paton. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1917
Image: Sculptural Group of a Seated Poet and Sirens, c. 350 – 300 BC, Getty Villa

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