Panagiotis Zografos

“The fair decision of God is for the liberation of Greece”
“The fall of Constantinople”
“General naval battles of the Greeks”
“A. Battle of the Greeks against the Turks at the bridge of Alamana
B. In Saint Marina in Stylida
C. In Patrakitsi”
“Battle of Gravia”
“Battle of Lagada”
“Battle of the Kings”
“Battle of Tripolitzas and the surrounding villages”
“Battles of Argos, Agionori and Corinth”
Battles of theĀ Greeks in Karpenisi and Kaliakouda
“Battle of Athens, first siege of the Acropolis”
“Battle of Athens, first siege of the Acropolis”

Panagiotis Zografos was a folk painter and veteran of the Greek War of Independence. One suspects that his artistic profession was a hereditary one (his surname actually means “painter” in Greek) and his style preserves some traces, nearly four hundred years after the fall of Constantinople, of Byzantine art. In the 1830s Zografos was chosen to illustrate a series of commemorative prints, by the great general and war hero Yannis Makriyannis who found Zografos’ simple, direct style perfectly suited to the presentation of history to a largely illiterate populace. The resulting images are a unique document of war as envisioned by one of its humble participants.

We found these images here, and though we have done our best to translate the Greek captions some of them remain uncertain.

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