Ippolito Caffi ad Atene

Ippolito Caffi, Arco di Adriano, 1844
Arco di Adriano, 1844

Ippolito Caffi, Atene – Teatro di Erode Attico, 1843, Venice
Teatro di Erode Attico, 1843

Ippolito Caffi, Il Partenone, c. 1843, Venice
Il Partenone, 1843

Ippolito Caffi, Interno del Partenone, 1843
Interno del Partenone, 1843

Ippolito Caffi, Stoa di Adriano, 1844
Piccola Moschea Turca, 1844

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An Italian specialist in seascapes and architectural views, Ippolito Caffi (1809-1866) often spiced his paintings with dramatic effects of lighting and atmosphere in somewhat dubious taste; but these fluent sketches made in Athens in 1843-44 are of great historical interest and are a gift to all Hellenophiles.


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