Burglary Fluxkit

George Maciunas, Burglary FluxkitGeorge Maciunas, Burglary Fluxkit, versoimages via

Happening to glance today at Artists’ Books, Multiples and Editions I discovered with pleasure a whole tranche of recent posts featuring multiples by the Fluxus group. Leaving aside any discussion of their merit, or lack of it, as artworks these objects are superb exemplars of the design values and typography of their day, that is the late 1960s and early 1970s. As a child of that era with a keen eye for such ephemera I am compelled to post them all here, alongside my ongoing survey of the art of Jean-Antoine Watteau. Where else can you consume daily doses of Rococo elegance and late 20th century tomfoolery? That’s right friends, only here at Tigerloaf.


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