We bless you, cicada, when having sipped a little dew, from the tops of the trees you sing like a king; for yours are all the things that you see in the fields; all that the woods grow is yours; you are a friend of the farmers, for you damage nothing. And you are honoured by mankind, the sweet prophet of Spring. The Muses love you, and Phoebus himself — for he gave you your shrill song. Old age does not weigh upon you, wise one, earth-born, lover of song. Undisturbed, of bloodless flesh, you are almost like the gods.

Text –Anonymous (c. 500 AD?). The Penguin Book of Greek Verse, Introduced and Edited by Constantine A. Trypanis, London, Penguin Books, 1971
Image –E. A. Seguy, Insectes, Paris, Éditions Duchartre et Van Buggenhoudt, 1920s

One Response to “Cicada”

  1. Dylan Thomas Hayden Says:

    If you’re really interested in cicadas you should visit for all the lowdown on this fascinating superfamily.

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