Mr. Russell Jones

Ten years ago today the untimely death of Ol’ Dirty Bastard robbed hip hop fans of one of the music’s most unique and most beloved artists. With a successful solo career alongside his founding and inimitable role in the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, ODB was one of the freakiest and funniest performers ever to score a top ten album. In a group packed with big personalities ODB’s was XXL: he seemed to be truly deranged. By no means a virtuoso rapper or rhymer, ODB instead cultivated his own style, which as his stage name reflected “had no father”. Groaning and warbling, frequently incoherent, often hilarious, always unmistakable, few rappers have inspired as much affection. He would have celebrated his 46th birthday in two days time.

Russell Tyrone Jones
15 November 1968 – 13 November 2004


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