Constable at the V&A

Self Portrait

I am very much looking forward to attending the new exhibition at the V&A of paintings by John Constable, who has long been among my favourite artists. Though sometimes overshadowed by the theatrics of his great contemporary Turner, and with a reputation suffering somewhat from the over-familiarity of his most famous works, there is nonetheless little doubt that he was one of the most brilliant and innovative painters of his day and among the very greatest landscapists of all time.

A View on the Stour, 1810
The Lock, c. 1823-24
Study of Clouds at Hampstead, 1821
Hadleigh Castle, 1829
Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead Heath, 1828
Flatford Lock and Mill, 1812
The Opening of Waterloo Bridge, 1829
Cloud Study, 1822
Dedham Lock and Mill, c. 1820
Hampstead Heath, Looking Towards Harrow, 1821
Rainstorm off the Coast at Brighton, c. 1824-28
Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds, 1820

Selection of Constable images from Kammermusikkammer


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