More Than Kind Of #8

“I’ve sung ’em on many a day and never thought I had ’em. What did I want to have the blues for, when I had everything I wanted, all the liquor, all the money I needed, and more gals than I needed? What did I need with the blues? I was playin’ ’em because everybody loved to hear me play ’em and I loved to play ’em. I could play ’em, yeah. I was having fun. Sometimes I’d be kind of bothered and worried as any other man would be. I wasn’t lively all the time. Plenty times I would feel lonely as other people did. But as a whole I had more blues since I been preaching than I ever did when I was playing the blues… I had to sacrifice, I had to put down something to go to preaching. Ain’t many men put down what I put down, but I had to put down a whole lot just for preaching. And I’ve had a heap of blues since I been preaching…”

Rev. Ruben L. “Rube” Lacy
2 January 1902 – 14 November 1969

Quoted in Big Road Blues by David Evans


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