Masters of Tone

Wagner – The rape of the Sabines… a kommers in Olympus.

Beethoven – The glory that was Greece… the grandeur that was Rome… a laugh.

Haydn – A seidel on the table… a girl on your knee… another and different girl in your heart.

Chopin – Two embalmers at work upon a minor poet… the scent of tuberoses… Autumn rain.

Richard Strauss – Old Home Week in Gomorrah.

Johann Strauss – Forty couples dancing… one by one they slip from the hall… sounds of kisses… the lights go out.

Puccini – Silver macaroni, exquisitely tangled.

Debussy – A pretty girl with one blue eye and one brown one.

Bach – Genesis I, I.

From The Smart Set, May 1912
H.L. Mencken


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