Moon Mosaics

NASA Lunar Surveyor Mosaic: Day 318, Survey G, Sectors 11 and 12, 1966-1968

NASA Lunar Surveyor Mosaic: Day 321, Survey Q, Sectors 9 and 10, 1966-1968

These NASA lunar survey mosaics, made up of dozens of individual prints, are simultaneously a triumph of technology and fascinating objects in themselves, combining science and art in great and equal measure.

Via Bloomsbury Auctions.

5 Responses to “Moon Mosaics”

  1. this is so beautiful!! I wish I understood what it is. Tell me, O sweet feline genius.

    • Dylan Thomas Hayden Says:

      photographic survey of the lunar surface comprising composite images made up of many small photos innit. xoxoxo

  2. yah but i am fascinate by the way they organize it in such a charming whimsy collage patch magic

  3. Dylan Thomas Hayden Says:

    i think this robot had a little camera it pointed all around taking pitchas then the people at NASA stuck them all together into a big pitcha. see here:
    and here:

    thank you for your inspiration my magic slink.

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