Xénophiles 2

The remaining “Oceanic” poems from Breton’s Xénophiles


I love you in the face of seas
Red like the egg when it is green
You move me to a clearing
Soft to touch as a quail
You press me to a woman’s belly
As against an olive tree of pearl
You give me balance
You lay me down
By the fact of having lived
Before and after
Under my rubber eyelids


How beautiful the world
Greece has never existed
They shall not pass
My horse finds his ration in the crater
Some men-birds some arched swimmers
Flew about my head for
It is also me
Who am there
Three quarters buried
Jesting at ethnologists
In the friendly Southern night
They shall not pass
The plain is immense
Those who advance are ridiculous
The high images have fallen


3 Responses to “Xénophiles 2”

  1. Dadaistes Says:

    From what source did you find this note (on yellow paper with drawing of ethnographic figure) of André Breton’s ? I am studying his work and am curious about this piece of ephemera.

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