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A few weeks ago at the Saronic Chamber Music Festival in Poros, Greece I heard Psappha, a work for solo percussion by Iannis Xenakis. The impact of this music, brilliantly realized by the virtuosic young Greek percussionist Alexandros Giovanos under the night sky of its native land, was quite literally stunning. I have since done a bit of reading about the piece, struggling without success to understand the complex mathematical processes that underlie it. One of many things I admire about Xenakis and his music is this: though his compositions were frequently the result of extremely complex formal and mathematical techniques the result is anything but aridly intellectual. His music is sensual, visceral and often overwhelming in its raw power. The man was truly a genius of modern music, and that night at the Syggrou Amphitheatre an unforgettable musical epiphany. Mπράβο Aλέξανδρο! Mπράβο Ξενάκη!

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Frozen Music

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Two architectural projects by Iannis Xenakis



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Son et lumière spectacle by Iannis Xenakis, Persepolis, Iran, 1971


Young Masters #11

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A beautiful and iconic image of seventeen year old Vladimir Mayakovsky, whose sultry charms remind me of Gram Parsons.

Chris Stein/Negative

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Blondie guitarist and erstwhile Mr. Debbie Harry Chris Stein is releasing a book of his photographs taken during the band’s heyday. Stein was not just in the right place at the right time, he was a trained photographer and his images are sharp and stylish as suits the subject matter. And who could resist Debbie in her prime?

More Than Kind Of #9

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I can’t get enough of the blues of Fred McDowell, that master of rhythm. A single chord and a simple, insistent guitar figure were the essential elements the Fred forged into a dark, droning throb that drives into the soul and carries it away. The motion is irresistible, every song a segment of an endless train ride. As with all the greatest blues artists it is as if the feeling and the pulse of his music was always around, like cosmic rays, and with each performance he tuned in the frequencies for a little while. Or so it seems to me!

Now Playing #28

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